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Geometry and Topology

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Password Zero minus the Euler characteristic of a closed oriented surface of genus 4000

Time Wed 4 pm or Thursday 9 am (or so) in KST (Korea Standard Time)


October 23 (W)

No talks

October 27, 29, 30 (TThF) 9 am

Michael Landry (Washington University St. Louis)

Lecture 1: The Thurston norm, flows, and the Teichmüller polynomial

This first talk will be mostly expository. We will introduce the Thurston norm and discuss how the norm interacts with certain pseudo-Anosov flows. We will also introduce the Teichmüller polynomial and talk about how it can be used to compute growth rates of closed orbits of pseudo-Anosov flows.

Lecture 2: Veering triangulations, the Thurston norm, and surfaces in 3-manifolds

We will introduce veering triangulations and explain how a given veering triangulation encodes much information about a face of the Thurston norm unit ball.

Lecture 3: A polynomial invariant of veering triangulations

We introduce a polynomial invariant of veering triangulations that can be viewed as a generalization of the Teichmüller polynomial. This is joint work with Yair Minsky and Samuel Taylor.

November 11 (W) 4 pm

Ilya Gekhtman (Technion)



November 25 (W) 10 am (note the time!)

Kathryn Mann (Cornell)



December 17 (Th) 10 am, Zoom 739-035-2844

(= December 16 (W) 8 pm Indiana)

David Fisher (Indiana University)




Harry Hyungryul Baik (KAIST)

Sam Sang-hyun Kim (KIAS)

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